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Hustlers University 4.0

What We Teach

With Hustler's University 4.0, Andrew Tate presents an uncensored environment where he and 18 other multimillionaire professors can share the secrets to making money.


Our world-class, custom-built learning application is designed to help you quickly scale your income from zero to $10k/month.


You'll master the skills required to maximize your earnings, while networking with over 100,000 individuals and making like-minded friends along your journey.


All our mentors are verified millionaires, handpicked by Andrew Tate himself and making anywhere from $50 - $100k a month, will be there to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you master the essential skills to increase your income.


Unlimited Wins


1. How fast will I make my investment back?

It largely depends on your level of commitment to HU.

Nevertheless, numerous students have made their investment  back within just a few weeks.

Disclaimer: All instruction is purely educational.

It's the responsibility of each learner to apply and put in the effort. Our team cannot guarantee any profits or financial prosperity.

2. Is there a need for additional funds once I'm enrolled in HU?

Not necessarily.

Upon joining Hustlers University, a number of our learners opted for copywriting and freelancing, professions with no monetary prerequisites, and achieved substantial success!

3. Does age really not matter?

Indeed, but we strongly suggest anyone below 18 to seek advice from a parent or guardian prior to registering for HU.

Instead of purchasing the latest video games that might lose their appeal in a week, you could join our community, initiate your enterprise, and astound your friends and family by becoming the youngster who’s progressing in real life.

4. I have no prior knowledge of the skills you impart. Is that an issue?

Absolutely not.

This is a mentorship program, and you are here to glean knowledge from us.

Just adhere to our sequential lessons and guidance, and you'll be able to launch a profitable venture.

5. I have limited time at my disposal, can I still join?

The strategies we impart are tailored for swift execution.

So all you need is a bare minimum of 30 minutes a day to listen to your instructors and implement what you've assimilated.

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